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I Walk Avenue Canada
Iron ore on handmade clothing and shoes

Eu Mino Minas Gerais
(I Mine Minas Gerais)

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

The title of this project centers around the word “Minas,” which translates as "mining," in reference to local mining industry that pulls iron from the vivd, mineral-rich dirt. It also references the Brazilian state Minas Gerais, home to the capital city of Belo Horizonte and the neighborhood Jardim Canadá, where the performance and works were created.

I also hoped to acknowledge the often problematic history of artists who cross borders to make art. As a foreigner, an outsider, an artist in residence, I was in essence “mining” ideas from that area. My attempt to solve that was through finding a personal relationship between the works I created and the surrounding indigenous environment.

Most important for this work is the dialogue it represnts, ranging from political context to the physical body to the abundant, ever present mineral hematite. The scope of the project encompasses performance, video, photography, sketches and objects. 

Created while in residency at JAC.A. Jardim Canadá Art and Technology Center in Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Iron ore on paper, 38x26

"I Clean Avenue Canada" highlights the industry of domestic workers by focusing on the body. In this work, I covered my body in the red dirt, then scrubbed against paper, cleansing it. This action is documented by the resulting drawing.




Iron ore, handmade journal

"I Write Avenue Canada" documented my daily thoughts with red dirt writings in a hand sewn journal.


Mim Andar Avenida Canadá (I Walk Avenue Canada), 2010

Running Time: 4:15 min | Single channel video

I went on daily walks recording red dirt as data onto handmade clothes, which served as an analog recording device. Focusing on the dirt, which is mined for iron, became a way to create work that resonated with local community.

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