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Mourning Stutter

Year of production: 2017/2022

Running Time: 8:00 min

Single channel video with sound

Director, performer, sound composer: Zachary Fabri

Cinematographer: Rodrigo Valenzuela

Project Manager: Bella Hall

Mourning Stutter is a multi-component project informed by the successive murders of African Americans by police officers. The title of the project posits that the black community is in a state of perpetual mourning, specifically relating to the violence of policing and white supremacy. Consisting of performance, video, photography, original music score, and a series of two-dimensional text works, this project not only reclaims the freedom to access and hold public space without fear but also asserts the necessity to imagine, build and experience joy in a public sphere.


Commissioned by the Barnes Foundation for the exhibition "Person of the Crowd: The Contemporary Art of Flânerie"

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